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Gas Gas Heater

Gas Gas Heater

1. Apperance: Enamel color and gloss is consistent, without spot, chip or orange peel, and exposed black on edge≤1.5mm

2. Spark test: breakdown spot ≤2 in930cm3

3. Pressure test: 5 second under 1372N/cm2, chip rate less than 5%.

4. Sulphuric acid resistance: Boiling in sulphuric acid (30%) for 18hours, mass loss≤3.5g/m2

5. Citric acid resistance: 15mins in100g/L citric acid under room temperature, better or equal class 1.

6. Boiling water resistance: Boiling in distilled water for 48hours, mass loss ≤2.2g/m2

7. Perforation in sodium chloride solution: in 3% sodium chloride solution for 24hours, perforation≤50/m2

8. Adhesion test: Impact by a1.5KGmetal staff free falling from750mmheight.

9. Shock cooling test: Heated to 360°temperature, then put into cold water at once under room temperature, no change.

10. Thermal shock resistance: Heated to 450°, then exposed in air at once, no change.